Contemporary Upright Bass & Piano Jazz Duo 

The Half Quartet is a contemporary upright bass & piano jazz duo in Devon & Cornwall at weddings, chilled events, music halls & events that need that jazzy vibe. Performing a delightful take on music using some Jazz and contemporary ideas that will entertain your ears and pop a smile on your face.
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What You Get

  • Upright Bass:  Holding down the low notes with that lush upright bass sound. Upright bass is perfect for any event or vibe. We always recommend this for any event where possible.  
  • Piano:  I love working with pianists who hold down the long, wide & luxurious chords under my percussive acoustic guitar. Piano is perfect for any event that needs a spruce of luxury. 
  • (optional) Drums: Add another layer to the band with our amazing drummer. 

We consist of professional musicians who are at the top of their craft. We love performing, we love weddings & parties & we love indie-folk. 

By coming directly to us you save a huge amount. We love the agencies we also work with, but we also understand that it makes a difference to the overall cost. 

Our transparent, easy to use & accurate instant online quote form means that you don’t need to worry about being ripped off. The costs are laid out simply in the final page and can easily be seen how the costs reach that final figure. If needed, you can also add on and remove options as needed to reach budget. 

We use a high quality PA to make sure we sound the best we can, as well as stage lighting so we also look the part!


We perform either 2x 45 minute sets or a single 1 hour set. 

We take a £250 deposit via BACS, then the remainder is cash on the night. 

For events which use our sound engineer, he will send a separate invoice directly to you so there is no middleman involved. 

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